Entry #3

Chroma Keys and things to come

2010-12-14 12:10:40 by Willseph

Wow, so Chroma Keys was a little more popular than I expected it to be. And hey, for my first submission, fifth place and front page? Can't complain about that! Chroma keys is far from my skill level, and I promise future games will be a lot more creative.

I'm currently working on a new game not developed with Flixel that I think has a lot of potential. I don't want to reveal too much of it now, but here's a little sneak peak:

Chroma Keys and things to come


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2010-12-14 13:53:02

Sweet, can't wait for your next game. Also will your next game include medals? Hope it does. :D

Willseph responds:

It might, but so far the design doesn't look like it will work too well with medals. But who knows? ;)


2010-12-14 19:26:15

I thought I would grace your wall with an entirely relevant question: is your picture up there In the Aeroplane Over the Sea?

Willseph responds:

Why yes, yes it is.


2010-12-14 21:23:10

No kidding. fifth place AND the front page? what I wouldn't give to have that kind of skill on the animation side of things.

Congrats, by the way.


2010-12-14 22:43:32

holy shit awesome face NMH


2010-12-25 14:59:51

Merry Christmas!


2011-10-03 17:19:25

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