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New Game Coming Soon

2010-10-11 17:47:21 by Willseph

So this is pretty much my first bit of public activity on Newgrounds under this account. I used to go on here all the time, but I rarely use Flash anymore ever since I started college, so NG kind of went with it. However, following recent events involving a car crash I was in, I am strapped for cash at the moment. The solution? Game sponsorship.

I'm working on a simple-yet-addictive game called Chroma Keys, built on the Flixel framework. I won't release a beta, but you can see a screenshot below. The gameplay is simple and easy enough for first-timers to pick up, but progressively becomes more difficult in order to provide a challenge for expert players without the need for separate difficulty modes.

The game also features links to directly post your score and rank to Twitter or Facebook with just one click, as well as an incredibly user-friendly, secure, and stylish high score table I developed myself for Flixel. That's it on the game for now; it should be out by at least the end of October. Now all that's left is to finish it and whore it out to any sponsors I can get.

New Game Coming Soon


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2010-10-12 23:53:59

Sounds very awesome.


2010-10-21 22:16:04

Nice bro